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Filipino Art

Celebrating my Filipino roots through art.

Pagkaing Pinoy series

Available as round fridge magnets! Set 1 and Set 2!

collected rectangle.jpg

A series of Filipinos wearing traditional baro't saya and barong tagolog costume.

Available as Sticker Set

Katutu-Bulilit Series
Katutubo (Indigenous/Native) + Bulilit (Small)

Available as Zine and Sticker Set

Endless Filipiniana ALL.jpg

Neil Gaiman's The Endless in traditional Filipino attire.

(Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire & Despair, Delirium)

Available as Set of 7 Prints

Harana FINAL.jpg

"Harana" (Serenade)

A Filipino courtship ritual.

How's Your Rice Today?

Filipinos and the Ways of Rice

Available as 9x12 Prints

Creatures of Philippine Mythology

Available as sticker sheet HERE.

(R1: Tikbalang, Manananggal, Mangkukulan, Kapre, Sigbin)
(R2: Santilmo, Sirena, Nuno sa Punso, Diwata, Tiyanak)


An older Maranao dancer art. One of the first artworks I did on ProCreate.

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