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Aaaaand it's now the end of 2021...


Where do I even start? My last post was March of this year, and it's now December. I'm trying to take stock of what I've been doing, and the easiest way is to BULLET-POINT!

  • Most of the year was allocated to the creation and publication of my book, Pananamit. From conceptualization to getting the printed funded.

  • I did my first ever Kickstarter for Pananamit in October and it was SUCCESSFULLY funded! Woo! I'll talk about that experience in a separate post.

  • I made a handful of original art this year, I'll talk about them in another post. So, basically, this post is to list down how many posts I need to do.

  • I couldn't have gone through this year without my art buds. Again, maybe another post.

  • I got a TON of books this year, also maaaaaybe another post. I'm currently taking inventory of what books I have, and selling off books I don't really want. Mainly to clear up some space.

  • It's been a pretty exhaustive year.

I really miss writing, and even though this seems like a chore, it should probably be something I do. At least to debrief myself at the end of the day/week.

Will update more soon keep your fingers crossed!

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