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Book Haul: Art Books!

When the world just gets a little bit too nuts for me, I retreat into my book fort. Not a literal book fort, but the shelves of books next to my bed where I can just be away from my phone and social media for a bit. I've got a bunch of new books, but here are some of my new art books.

Two books from Simone Grünewald, Sketch Every Day and Draw What You Love. She's one of the artists I follow on Instagram and I love the playfulness and energy of her drawings and sketches. There'a part in the books that I really love and are very relevant to me: she talks about how she handles being an artist AND a mom at the same time. Her Instagram is @schmoedraws

Next is Wonder by Beatrice Blue. I love her colorful, whimsical style.

(Actually, I got this 2020, but I've only recently started to blog again, so I have a backlog of books to write about.)

Last, is my most recent art book acquisition: Reverie by Sibylline Meynet (@sibylline_m). Hers is one of those artists whose style is so distinct you can tell it's hers and a number of other artists try to copy it.

I backed this book on her Kickstarter campaign last year (July 2021) and it arrived at my mailbox just now (February 2022). It makes me feel better about the shipping delays on my own Kickstarter campaign.

I also have a bunch of children's books I keep on hand as reference. Maybe I'll talk about them in a future blogpost.

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