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End-ish of the Year Update

I keep telling myself I'll blog more, or at least keep an account of events. But MAN, life sure does get in the way. Here's me trying to remember what's been happening since Emerald City Comic Con.

- I'm currently illustrating my first OFFICIAL children's book commissioned by a client! That's an item checked off my Artist Bucket List. Can't discuss it here, yet! For sure won't be my last children's book illustrated!

- My books arrived in the Philippines, but unfortunately, the PH Elections had dismal results, which meant (selfishly, for me) book sales weren't going to be as expected. In the span of a month, it was Php60 = USD1 (As of this time, Php57= USD1). Times are TOUGH in the Philippines right now.

- Pagkaing Pinoy food magnets are selling decently. I get more bulk orders than piecemeal. So I suspect it's for people who want to gift them this Christmas.

- I designed my own stamp washi tapes: Pagkaing Pinoy and Philippine Dances! As well as a Christmas themed Parol 15mm gold foil one! I ordered 50 rolls each, currently down to around 15 each now. Will think about getting them reprinted.

- Did an interview (or I suppose, you can call it a "lecture") with Kapuwa Academy's Kulecteratura series about the process of creating Pananamit. I talked about the whys and hows of making the book. Fun experience. Watch it HERE.

- Did a Filipino Creatives Meetup in Seattle with Migley, and utterly exhausted my introvert heart by talking to a large group of strange creatives ("strange" as in "I didn't know them" not "weird, but possibly also applicable, who knows). The point of the event was networking, but maybe I don't follow up correctly, but feels like everyone in the group already has ongoing projects and such, and thus are too busy to network further. The vibe I got was (at least, coming from me) was "I'm pretty busy these days, so YOU need to run after ME." Which, honestly, I get. Totally valid.

- That was also the day I set foot in Kinokuniya Seattle. I try my darn hardest not to, because I always end up wanting the art books they have. I bought one book ($40, omygod!), and another book I wanted ($35!), I luckily found on Ebay instead for $25:

- Some bookstores have consigned my book in the Philippines, including:

- Popular Bookstore

- Mt. Cloud Bookshop

- Lopez Memorial Museum (in-progress - slow government things)

which has prompted my family in Manila (who are amazing, btw), to register JmePaints as an official business with the BIR and open up its own bank account. Do I feel overwhelmed? Yes, yes, I do.

- A gallery in Minnesota, Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center has invited me to exhibit my work at their gallery. I created 16 pieces for Sayaw: An Illustrated Look at Philippine Dance, which I believe was well-received. There's a TV segment out on the Internet somewhere that mentions me and shows my art on screen.

- I've been working on and off my Manika de Papel pet project. Currently, Series 2 is out, with Series 2.5 in the works. Why the ".5"? Because reasons.

- Generally feeling lazy and unproductive these days. Which is okay. I chalk it up to the cold weather and I should hibernate and let my creative mojo rest, so I hit the ground running next year.

- Last, it's my birthday in a few days. What do I want? Books. Oh, and roast duck.

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