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First Artworks of 2021

I started this in November 2020, and things got waaay interesting around that time (US Election drama, SIGH), so I got too antsy and anxious and stressed to work on any artwork properly. Here's the finished artwork:


Admittedly, I sorta rushed this, I thought I've been working on it for too long. But I do love working on layer effects to achieve a certain dreamy-like quality to my art. I feel like it lacks a little something else, but I wanted to move on and do something else. So this is the final product, finished the first week of January. It's titled "Shaloma", as a shoutout to a story in one of the books I've read.


The second artwork is due to the new followers I got on my Instagram. I updated my #MeetTheArtist infographic just to let people know a little bit about me.

I guess for anyone who reads my blog/visits my website, here's a handy dandy FYI about the artist (me!).

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