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Note on an Old Poster Design

On my Etsy page, my best selling designs are definitely the Filipiniana ones (posters, stickers, postcards). Recently, an Instagram account with a huge Filipino/Fil-Am following shared one of my designs:

While I got a lot of new followers because of the reshare, I also got some people commenting how I shouldn't be using the word "costume" or "tribal" in the design. Thanks to white folk, the word "costume" now has negative connotations. To avoid further backlash, I replied with a general apology about the use of the word and that I shall refrain from using the word "costume" in future artwork. I got hashtagged #CultureNotCostume etc. Anyway, more importantly, my Etsy got a huge boost in sales, which is awesome. And moving forward, every poster that gets sold comes with a note:

I only have a little more than 10 pieces of the poster as of this writing. Once it runs out, I'll hopefully have a new (PC) poster design to upload on my Etsy.

Anyway, how's your 2021 going? It's been a craaaazy year, and it's not even February yet! Fingers crossed, I'll be back to creating and getting more art done in the days to come. A vaccine is coming up (though I don't know when we'll get vaccinated), so maybe the end of the pandemic is in sight. T**** is out of office, Biden is now President, so that's a breathe of relief.

More book reviews coming up as well.

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