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Project: Pananamit (Part2)

Continuing from the previous post regarding Pananamit (link), I am super happy to report that the books and other KS rewards have arrived from China and I spent a week or so positively euphoric, gradually coming down from that high, then sitting down to package and ship out the Kickstarter backer kits.

Look at how shiny! Looks soooo good!

I was pretty darn proud of myself for being so organized (spreadsheets!), and thankful that I took the plunge and bought this gadget a few months back:

Behold! My very own Rollo Thermal Printer!

This little baby made life a whole lot easier (and cheaper) since it doesn't use ink to print the shipping labels. We don't have an in-house printer, so before the Rollo I used to ask my husband to print shipping labels at his office, or I have to go to the library to avail of their printing services (bless the US library system).

Ran into a small hiccup. The bubble mailers I ordered along with the books were too small! I'm stuck with 600pcs of too-small bubble mailers, but luckily, I had a whole bunch of rigid mailers that were perfect for 1 copy. For backers who ordered 2+ books with their tiers, I had to get creative. A few weeks ago, I was able to procure a buttload of used bubble mailers from a small business that shut down. They didn't look bad at all, so I was able to cover up the old shipping labels and reuse them - a bit friendlier to the environment, as I didn't need to buy a new set of bubble mailers (yet).

Here I am shipping out some of the Kickstarter rewards! Notice my Ifugao fabric mask!

Here's what a Pananamit Book Bundle looks like:

The Bundle includes a hardcover copy of the Pananamit Book, a 15-card Postcard Book, 9 print set of Indigenous Mother and Child, and a Pananamit Sticker Sheet.

As of this writing, I've shipped out about 90% of the KS rewards. The books heading to the Philippines will be sent out next week, and there are about 5 people in the US who have not sent me their address, or have given me a wrong address (package got returned).

Aside from packaging and shipping out, I was able to set up my online store. I've decided to take the plunge and start moving away from Etsy. I figure, might as well, since Etsy sellers called for a boycott due to Etsy upping their fees significantly. I'm a little nervous, but I feel like people are actively seeking my work out now. My shop is on Ko-fi, and since I have a Gold membership ($6/month!), I do not have any listing fees and Ko-fi sends 100% of the earnings straight to Paypal.

If you're reading this, please do tell me how you found my page, and here'a a link to my Ko-Fi Shop.

There's a bit more development about the project. I'll continue this in another blog post!

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