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Tala, my Original Character

Tala is my OC (Original Character) and they are a bit different in that Tala doesn't really have any defined back story or even clearly defined look. Tala was conceived during an art meetup with friends, during which someone posed a challenge to make a character based on certain "keywords" which I can't recall anymore. This was back in 2017. Here is the character I came up with during that meetup.

I set aside this character for the meantime, as we got pretty busy afterwards (with moving to a new State), and when we finally got settled down, I sat down and thought about doing my own OC, since it was a thing I saw a lot of artists doing on Instagram. And it seemed like a good idea for a couple of reasons:

1) An OC would be something you drew if you were blanking out on art ideas; I have seen artists create whole worlds and legions of OCs; and 2) creating a series about your character seems like a good way to create interest and followers, like a serial.

Some early sketches of the character.

I finally did this sketch and lineart on ProCreate…

…which I painted, and Tala was born!

While I did say Tala did not have any backstory, there’s a few notes on the character:

1) Tala does NOT have any clearly defined form. They are, in effect, a shapeshifter and takes form in whatever manner the artist/s wants them to be. In fact, I believe the Tala I painted is not really their most basic form. I imagine they would be a shapeless mass of star stuff, with the predominant colors being blue, purple, magenta, mauve.

2) The only constant will be the star motifs - Tala LOVES stars, and the colors of their outfits, accessories, and hair.

3) Tala has the most difficulty changing their skin and eye color, so those are the last things they will change, and only if the look they want calls for it. Tala CAN change skin and eye color, but only at a greater effort. By default, Tala has chalk white skin and purple eyes.

With that being said, here’s a few more forms Tala has taken on:

Mermaid! Tala

Unicorn! Tala

Hopefully, I’ll be able to draw more Tala in the future, and maybe get fanart from other artists, too!

If you have done fanart of Tala, I would absolutely LOVE to see, please email me at ^_^

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