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Father's Day 2020

After the Mother's Day artwork I did, of course I needed to do one for Father's Day. I initially made a rough sketch of a tribute back in 2008, but it never got past the sketch stage as I wasn't sure I really liked the concept. It played on the idea of my dad being superman as he used to travel all over the world with the PH President as part of the media (my dad used to be a journalist). Anyway, I scrapped the idea as it didn't have the same oomph has the Mother's Day tribute.

A month before Father's Day 2020, a friend on Facebook posted one of those question memes "What video games made an impact on you growing up?" and I recalled hours spent watching my dad play Ultima, Monkey Island, King's Quest, Heroes of Might and Magic, Lands of Lore... and lightbulb!

So, here's my 2020 Father's Day Tribute Artwork:

Pretty proud of this, to be quite honest.

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