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Art Block 2020

So the last few weeks (or maybe just a week? I don't know, time is so WEIRD these days), I've been in an art slump. As of this writing, I haven't drawn or doodled anything AT ALL. I decided, instead of letting the guilt of "not being productive" consume me, I'll just take this opportunity to chill a bit and get some serious reading done, which I haven't done in a LONGER while.

Truth be told, I have a difficult time finishing novels, so I'm sticking with anthologies, graphic novels, and chapter books. And since I don't have a lot of space right now, I opted to read them on my phone, so I kind of went on an ebook buying/downloading spree.

Here's some of the books on my to-read queue:

Some anthologies:

Obviously, I am very much in love with fantasy and fairy tale stories.

And here are some other books on my pile. These are titles I've had for years, but have yet to finish. Welp, now's the time!

Wish me luck on this art block, but I think a diet of prose-heavy fantasy stories is just the thing to stir up my imagination and hopefully I'll be back to creating in a week or so.


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