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Book Haul: Kickstarter Books

Sharing some books I backed from Kickstarter:

First is Overgrowth: Digital Works by (Instagram). I absolutely LOVE her color palettes and her style of painting her fantastical artworks.


The Art of Loish book was backed in 2015, but I still love thumbing through it.

Loish, I feel, is THAT artist who is a pioneer; she blazes a trail for almost everyone to follow. She was THAT artist on DeviantArt who first got such a huge following, and almost every artist knew her name and art style. I believe she was the first (or one of the first) artists who put their art in book format. Her sketches, work process, thought process as an artist-specific book, and not a generic tutorial book.

The freebiee playing card deck of 52 cards each with different art on it was pretty sweeeeet, too. And a bookmark. Plus the book came with a box ALSO with art on it.


Enchanted Forest is a really awesome one I got from Kickstarter. A collection of different artists working on a general theme, it showcases a variety of styles and approaches that really inspires me to try new things.

A LOT of prints and some stickers were included, and my name at the back as one of the backers.


Dark Mythos is a tricky one. I am not QUITE a fan of Charamath (Audrey Schutte), and I already have an artbook from her (I will review it in a future post). Her monster artworks are amazing, but not quite my speed. The monster artworks are great, as usual, but the bit of info beside each monster is very hard to read due to the font used. So, yeah, a little bit of buyer's remorse here.

There were some freebies with it, too.


I love backing Kickstarter projects. It shows the artist/creator that you believe in their project and ideas and art and you're helping them out in a big way.

More Kickstarter books soon!

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