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Book Haul: Retail Therapy

SO, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, weeks, months.... years?, you've been hearing a LOT of insane news happening in the US (FUCK YOU, TRUMP). Off the top of my head:

- Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RIP, Notorious RBG)

- Trump nominating a rabid Pro-Lifer to the vacant seat

- Presidential "Dumpster Fire" Debate

- The reveal of Trump Tax Returns

- Just all the goddamn Trump supporters being stupid

Anyways, every time I get TOO stressed, I buy a book online. Here's a partial list of the books that just came in for me. I say "partial" because I'll post about the other books on some other blog post, they're in another category.


"Beneath the Moon" is the art book of Yoshi Yoshitani's (IG: @yoshiyoshitani) Fairytale Tarot Deck. I really love the art and stories in this book, I would recommend to anyone who loves, well... art and fairytales. I grew up with European and Asian legends, so reading about African and Native American ones was very refreshing!

Some interior shots:


"Twisted Romance #4" is illustrated by Trungles and written by Alex de Campi. It's a beautifully illustrated story about domestic abuse and the character's escape from it.

Some interior shots:


I don't buy "The Art of [movie]" books very often. It's very easy to start buying and just keep buying and it's an endless thing (like buying Funkos, I guess). But I found these on sale, and I bought copies.

Frozen II was a really good movie, imo. A much more EPIC feel than the first one and the visuals were so much more AMAZING. I have the first book, it's in my library back in the Philippines. Maybe I'll bring it over to the US some day.

TrollHunters is an unexpected Netflix find. I've been seeing it on Netflix recommendations, but I ignored it until Wizards (the 3rd installment) came out, then I finally decided to give it a try. And man, was no one going to tell me this was a good show?? Technically, I didn't really watch 3Below, because of how sci-fi it is. I'm not a huge fan of the human character designs, but overall it's a very good series! Monster designs were very good, as well as environment and prop design

(No interior shots of the "The Art of...." books, I'm sure there's a LOT on Google Images)

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