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Branding Overhaul

I'm looking over my social media, and there's really no delicate way to put this: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc..... they're all shirt. I don't see the point of posting up stuff there for likes now, it's all the same people clicking Like and commenting.

I feel like I should post more on my blog. If just to have a safe space to post up my art. I don't know if people will find this, but ehh. No filters. I'll just post my thoughts and creative process. Maybe

But anyways, I'm looking at my website and I think I should do a branding overhaul on what's on this. When I started this website, I was very much into mermaids. And I outgrew them, I guess. There's not really much to work with, anyway. I used to love drawing them because 1) the long flowy hair, and 2) the lack of legs. But looking at "mermaids" from a different angle, there's really no relatability there - unless we're talking about how the planet is going to go underwater and we have 50 years to bio-engineer gills on the human race.

I fell into drawing more "down-to-earth" things, instead of the fantastical. Everyday life, food, attire, culture. Don't get me wrong, I still love the freedom the fantastical gives me, but drawing inspiration from culture is something that is sorely lacking, I feel. I want to get it out there that the Philippine culture is AMAZING, and not just the parts that the world at large knows.

This is my current website header:

I still like it. And the style is something I really love. But it doesn't feel like "me" anymore, you know? Some growth happened to me during the last year or so, and that's not a bad thing, I feel.

I also really like how more people are excited about the planned projects I have. Like, they can relate more. And how people are saying "we need this!" and that puts me in mind that I'm going the right direction.

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