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In My Library: Beauty by Kerascoet

I found this graphic novel title on Hoopla one day (digital library) and borrowed it. At first glance, I wasn't a fan of the artwork based on the cover, it looked really plan and understated, but the synopsis is as follows:

When the repulsively ugly Coddie unintentionally saves a fairy from a spell, she does not understand the poisonous nature of the wish granted her by the fairy. The village folk no longer see her as repulsive and stinking of fish—they now perceive her as magnetically beautiful—which does not help her in her village. A young local lord saves her, but it soon becomes apparent that Coddie’s destiny may be far greater than anyone ever imagined. Caustic and flamboyant, this fairy tale offers grownups an engrossing take on the nature of beauty.

I was definitely intrigued, as I am a sucker for fairytales. This is how the interior art looks like:

In this image, you can see what Coddie really looks like... and what she appears to other people, thanks to Mab's permanent glamour on her.

The novel is about her journey from Coddie, the backwater village wench, to Beauty, the queen of the North, and beyond.... and along the way explores how beauty, quite literally, is in the eye of the beholder. Mab's gift/curse makes her appear as the onlooker's highest ideal of beauty....and most often, with the lust and possessiveness that comes with it.

It's a somewhat long read, but the ending was very rewarding, with the epilogue a great add-on to the "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" arc words.

The book is written by Hubert, and art is by the husband-wife team of Kerascoet.

I fell in love with the book, but upon searching for a copy, I found that copies were preeeetty expensive!

WHOA. I got lucky a few months later, when I chanced upon an Ebay listing! A guy was cleaning out his attic (or something) and among the items he listed, a hardbound copy that was in VERY GOOD CONDITION! OMG. Totally bid on it and WON IT!

Anyways, I am super happy.

I would recommend this book to anyone, and the whole "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" concept is a good discussion topic.

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