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Project Pananamit (Part 3)

Quick update on what's been happening with Pananamit:

  • All Kickstarter rewards have been sent out, with all US backers receiving their kits. PH backers will receive their kits in August (kits will arrive end of July!)

  • I've been able to update my Ko-Fi store with the books, ebooks, postcard books, and all my new items!

And also, sharing some good news:

  • One of my book supporters, Lane Wilcken (Author/ Cultural Bearer / Hand Tap Tattoo Practitioner) bought a copy of the book and a few weeks later posted about it in an awesome Instagram Reel + a super positive review -

  • which resulted in a massive influx of book supporters!!! I got so many orders I ran out of bubble mailers. To which I apologized profusely on my Instagram account to the supporters. As of the time of this writing, though, all orders have been mailed out!

  • An art gallery in Minnesota (Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center) contacted me with the invite of an art gallery of my work in October. They even offered to fly me out for the gallery opening, which I sadly had to decline due to the pandemic (I'm not 100% comfortable with crowds yet, plus childcare for two small kids). More info on this as it further develops.

  • Musang, a Filipino restaurant in Seattle, ordered 10 copies of my book to display and sell at their restaurant. My husband and I delivered the copies and decided to have a lunch date there.

  • Alala Books, an independent bookstore in Vancouver, Canada bought 15 copies of the books to stock their bookshelves.

  • As of this writing, I think I only have about 100 copies of Pananamit left, and less than 30 sets of the Mother and Child art prints - which means there are less than 30 Pananamit Book Bundles left in my store.

  • The paperback copies are coming soon. I'm still debating whether I want to reprint the hardcovers, or just stick to paperbacks moving forward. So the first edition hardcovers will be more special.

  • I've received a number of heartwarming messages from book supporters. My heart is so full.

I cannot wait for the Philippine supporters to get their copies!! And to announce that Pananamit is available in the Philippines.


As a side-note to Pananamit, I've been working on this (literally) small side-project to it. I've made a bunch of small indigenous people doodles. I call them "KatutuBulilit", which is a portmanteau of "katutubo" (indigenous people) and "bulilit" (small).

It's a small booklet, nothing as serious or in-depth as Pananamit, but I thought it would be a cute little thing to make. The back will have links to non-government organizations and groups that help out the PH indigenous groups.

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