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Sketch Dump: The Endless (DC Vertigo)

I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman graphic novels, and every now and then I draw Death and Delirium. So when I was in the mood to just sketch portraits, I decided to draw all 7 Endless siblings.

First up, Destiny. The oldest of the Endless. Drawing him was tricky, as half of of his design is cloaks (folds!) and hands... the other half book and chain. Drawing a hand grasping/holding a book was a challenge. Note to self: Practice drawing hands


The second sibling is Death. My all-time favorite character to draw. Her design is so simple, but so very iconic. I have no problems drawing her, but trying to challenge myself with drawing Death in other poses.


Dream. Morpheus. Oneiros. The Sandman. The Dream King. My 3rd favorite of the Endless. I tried to redesign him as something more relevant to 2020, as the emaciated scruffy, rockstar look probably doesn't make a lot of people swoon these days. So I pretty much Googled "handsome guy haircuts) and drew whatever came out. I think I like the man bun look the best.


Destruction. The Prodigal Sibling. He shirked his duties centuries ago, and didn't pass on the mantle. A loud, gruff, cheerful character. Destruction's most prominent feature is the red hair and beard. I might have made him too handsome in some studies.


The twins, Desire and Despair. I really enjoyed sketching out Desire, researching androgynous looking people. I think most of my inspiration came from K-Pop stars. I guess this is also an updated version of Desire, s/he used to draw inspiration from Patrick Nagel's artworks.

....and Despair. THIS was a challenge, but a fun challenge. A naked, obese, squat troll of a woman. With her rats and top knot.


Finally, the youngest of the Endless, Delirium. She's always fun to draw, and doubly so because I just bought a pencil with 7 colors inside. So it changes colors while you're drawing. A lot of inspiration for her look came from Harajuku fashion.

A Niji-Oro Rainbow pencil, the perfect pencil for Delirium.


And there you have it, for the first time, I have finally drawn all 7 Endless siblings! Maybe I'll be motivated enough to actually do a real piece of art with all of them interacting with each other. XD

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