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Book Review: The OotS- Snip, Snails, and Dragon Tails

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I'm a huge fan of backing Kickstarter books, because I love supporting artists' works and I am a sucker for books (art books in particular).

My very first backed KS project was The Order of the Stick: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tails collected strips book. I've been a huge fan of the Order of the Stick webcomics, since an officemate introduced me to it in 2008 (the strip is well into the 1000+ now!). The story is amazing, and the art, while literal stick figures does an amazing job of visual storytelling. So when Rich Burlew announced he was doing a KS project for the strips released in Dragon magazine, as well as all new content, I AM SO IN!

Kickstarters are also fun to support because more often than not, backers get all sorts of freebies! And it had a lot, I think this was my first Kickstarter so I went all out and got the upgrades. A coloring book, sticker sheet, fridge magnet, notepad, and an 8x10 print...

The coloring book was pretty cool. In Roy's words at the back: "I can't decide if this is the least educational coloring book ever, or the most educational coloring book ever."

I only have the Dragon Tails book and the fridge magnet, and I'm pretty sad that the rest of the Kickstarter loot got left in my library back in the Philippines, but someday I'm sure I'll be able to retrieve them. Still in good condition, hopefully.

Some page scans:

Rescuing the "Dragon" from the evil "wizard who lives by the coast" and bumping into some familiar faces from the old magazine. I'm admittedly not familiar with any strip except Order of the Stick.

This was my favorite story: the arrival of PCs from the 4th Edi---sorry, Dimension!


Order of the Stick webcomics can be read HERE.

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